What makes a Celebrant service different?

Just as each person's story is unique, so should be the service for their life celebration. The Celebrant listens to you, your family and friends, and gathers the stories and anecdotes that capture the spirit of your loved one. Each services is unique - no two are the same. The service and life story are written specially for you.

Can a Celebrant do a service with religious components?

Yes, Celebrants can incorporate as many religious aspects into the service as you request. Readings, scripture and other traditional pieces can be used exclusively, or along with other meaningful text and ceremonies. The service is customized to meet your needs and wishes.

I am a member of a church and have a clergy person that will be officiating at the funeral. Do I need a Celebrant as well?

Celebrants often officiate at services where no clergy person is involved, but can also work with your clergy person to create a unique tribute for your loved one. The Celebrant "tells the life story" and takes time to create the service that you want. They can also create a special service to be held during the visitation time - a more informal time to celebrate your loved one's life.

My funeral home already creates a personalized video and display of my loved one's life. Why do I also need a Celebrant?

Videos, displays and visual remembrances are a very important part of celebrating a life. They bring back memories for everyone involved. The Celebrant puts all of those memories together with additional stories and anecdotes to create a deeply personal and unique life tribute. When the stories live on, a person is never gone!

I want to use a Celebrant for our service. How do I start?

You can contact me by phone or email at the bottom of this page. During that initial contact, we'll set a time for me to meet with you and your family at a location of your choice. This gathering time is usually between 1 to 2 hours, but is flexible based on your time and the stories you want to tell. Gathering times are often very special for families and help start the healing process. After we've talked, I will put together your loved one's tribute service and present it at the funeral.